Klane Reynolds has owned the Taco Time restaurant on Yellowstone Avenue in Pocatello for 43 years. He says they take pride in the fact that they make everything fresh daily.

I have a lot of good knowledge,” explains Reynolds, “a lot of expertise to Pocatello and we make our food fresh, taco shells and beans and everything is fresh and people like it."

He says the drive-through is what got them though the pandemic.

"COVID has been kind of a blessing to me because we had a drive-through and through the drive-through we did quite a bit of our business,” says Reynolds

Like so many other businesses in the area, Taco Time is struggling for help.

"It's really hard to hire employees because we get good employees,” says Reynolds, “we try to pay them more and that don't seem to help. It's a whole different generation. Their attitude is like I don't have to work or why should I work, not like my generation. It's been tough you know."

Klane does everything he can to incise people to come apply for the job, such as a big help wanted sign outside his business. He says there's even opportunities for advancement.

"Advancements like shift leaders, be in charge,” says Reynolds, “they get paid more, if they do their job like work the rail, work different positions, so yes they can move up."

Along with food discounts for the employees there are other perks to working at Taco Time.

"It's a friendly atmosphere,” explains Reynolds, “that's the perks. We have fun. It's like a family atmosphere."

He says he's proud to be part of the community and supports other local businesses and plans on being around for years to come.

"I think Taco Time here in Pocatello is here to stay and I think that it's a good place and I think things are happening here in Pocatello,” says Reynolds, “things are moving forward in spite of the pandemic. Things are good."

If you are looking for a job, you can contact Reynolds or his manager to apply.


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