The smell of a steamy hot mocha isn't the only thing that draws your attention to The Nice Spot in Idaho Falls. All the unique gifts, books, and artwork by local artists also draw you in.

Co-owner Brandi Erickson says she wasn't originally inspired to buy a building but when she found a quaint building that sits in the older part of Idaho Falls, she and her co-owner decided to do something special with it that everyone from the community could come and enjoy.

"We're not right downtown,” says Brandi, “we're off the beaten path a little bit, but you can still see the water, the iconic water tower that everybody loves, the feel of the building. I mean the building has housed a few things and now that it's very industrial and you can see the wood beams, there's just something about the building that makes it very inviting and that you want to be here and you want to stay and sit down and be here for a while. We serve coffee and soft-serve ice cream and Italian sodas and different flavored sodas, so while your shopping you can do that or if you wanted to sit and have a conversation with your friends or we even have people that come and knit and come and play bridge."

Just on the other side of the wall is her other business called AR Workshop. It's a place where individuals or groups can get together to create something that they can call their very own.

"And so it's kind of fun watching people mix colors and do different things and come up with projects,” explains Brandi, “but really truly everything that I've seen has been great, you know and to see the proud person that has made that project and did it themselves, I don't know, there's something really fun about that."

Brandi says that she grew up in Idaho and community means everything to her and that she's proud to be local.

“I've been so impressed especially with community and our community support,” says Brandi, “I knew that we would have community support. I knew it from the very beginning, but even our grand opening, I was expecting like 75-percent family and friends and maybe a little bit of community. I actually got the reverse of that, I got like 75-percent of community that we didn't know that were excited to have something here."


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