A crackling fire is what gives the delectable flavor to a new barbecue place in Idaho Falls. 

What started out as a barbecue food truck three years ago is now a full-on barbecue restaurant.

Hellfire Barbecue has been at its new location on Holmes Avenue for about seven months now.

Co-owner, Brady Lawson says he went on a mission in Texas and wanted to bring back the Texas flavor of barbecue to the area he grew up in.

"One of the things that sets us apart and what they do down there is the way that they smoke their meats. They actually use real fire, real wood, and so that's what we do. We're tending the fire at all times, making sure that the fire and the smoker itself is staying hot enough, where as I think a lot of the difference from other places around here is the use electric smokers or maybe gas assist or something like that," says Brady Lawson, Co-owner, Hellfire Barbecue.

He says everything is made in-house for their customers that come in and order from a variety of items on their menu.

"So, our barbecue sauce, all of our rubs, everything is done, our sausage even, we grind the meat, we rub the meat, we case the meat, and then we smoke it in the sausage, so it's really good as well," says Brady.

Brady's business partner and co-owner Aaron McGregor is the main Pit Master at Hellfire Barbecue.

Aaron grew up in Texas and came out to Eastern Idaho in the early 2000's.

Aaron and Brady met while they were working together at BYU-Idaho and bonded over the love of barbecue they shared.

"That's one of our goals is to bring some of that Texas barbecue culture out here and share that with the people of Southeastern Idaho," says Aaron McGregor, Co-owner Hellfire Barbecue.

McGregor says it's a pretty long process behind the delicious product. He says it takes about 48 hours from start to finish and then to the table.

"From trimming the briskets to letting them, you know, seasoning them, letting them absorb that flavor, throwing them on the smoke and they smoke for about 16 hours and then we hold them for a little bit and then by the time we serve it to you, it's a very, very long process, incredibly labor intensive, and we use real wood. Especially here in the winters, we don't control it with electricity or anything. We are out there with a shovel, adjusting coals," says Aaron.

Brady says his love for Eastern Idaho and the people in the area is what makes him want to share the barbecue experience with the community.

"So, I think that's what we wanted to do is we wanted to take this Texas style barbecue and kind of turn it in to Idaho style," says Brady, "you know we wanted to set the precedence for how barbecue should be in Idaho and give it our own little spin and be proud of Idaho and what Idaho can bring to other people."

Hellfire Barbecue is open from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

They are located at 645 North Holmes Avenue in Idaho Falls.


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