KPVI is bringing back ‘Proud to be Local’ and first in the series is a local business so sweet they had to open a second location.

The Soda Barn 2.0 just opened a few weeks ago next to Idaho State University, and they’re excited to serve up cookies and drinks to ISU and the southern Pocatello community.

The new Soda Barn 2.0 opened up for business almost two years to the day of opening their original Soda Barn location in Chubbuck.

Owners say the flavored drink and cookie business had such a great response in the Chubbuck area, that they decided to put in a second location next to ISU.

“We love the community and just loved what we were able to do there and so we thought, why not go to Pocatello.  Why not go where there’s businesses and we’d heard of businesses coming and doing soda runs to Chubbuck and so we thought man, we should bring it to South Pocatello to the businesses down here and then also just be close to the students at ISU,” says Bri Semons, Co-owner, Soda Barn.

Now they cater to ISU students like Whitley Jensen who says it’s now part of her freshman diet to come in every day and get a cookie while hitting the books.

“It’s a great place to study and get sweets and just have a good time,” says Whitley Jensen, ISU Student.

A team of workers are busy making up a variety of flavored drinks like Italian Sodas and original recipes for the cookie of the month, that includes the popular chocolate chip and sugar cookies, along with whoopee pies and cookie dough.

They even make a cookie from their slim options for those going through the drive-through first thing in the morning.

“But we also have a flourless cookie.  That’s our monster cookie.  It’s a great option for those people that are trying to stay away from flour, stay away from gluten type foods,” says Semons.

The Soda Barn 2.0 also has a mural on their wall that local artists painted local attractions in the area.

“We wanted to incorporate Pocatello and it’s kind of a fun game because if you look at that tiger you can find different designs in it that represent different things in Pocatello,” says Semons.

And while they are happy to see their regulars, they welcome new customers to try out their new place with a fun atmosphere.

“It’s just fun being able to serve people that we see, that we know, that we’ve been able to develop bigger, better relationships with.  Customers that come in every day and it’s just fun to bring it to Pocatello to have the amazing community support that we do,” says Semons.

Soda Barn 2.0 has several charging stations and free wi-fi for those who want to work while enjoying their favorite flavored drink and cookie.


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