On February 15, Rexburg Police responded to the Brenchley apartments for a report that a male illegally entered a residence looking for someone.

Rexburg Police Chief Shane Turman explained what a victim described in that situation.

"When she told him that they were not there, the suspect pushed his way forcing the door and entered into the complainant's apartment and at one point the complainant who's also the victim at that time felt like the suspect was going to strike her," said Turman.

In addition, the chief elaborated on who the suspected male was in the officer-involved shooting.

"The suspect was identified as 50-year-old Troy Alton Allen," said Turman.

Allen and the Rexburg Police Department had previous encounters, but according to Chief Turman this was the first time Allen was aggressive.

Chief Turman also said Allen was refusing to cooperate with authorities and charged at them with one hand in his pocket.

"Officers at that time started backing up as Mr. Allen was charging forward towards them still with his hand in his pocket. Officers at this time fired to stop the threat," said Turman.

The officers involved are currently on administrative leave, and the chief says it's for their own protection.

In a grim tone, the chief added this situation has not been easy for anyone.

 "It has taken a real emotional toll on everybody as well as our department," said Turman.

An investigation on the officer-involved shooting in Rexburg is currently in the hands of the East Idaho Critical Incident Task Force Team.


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