Ribbon Cutting at the Idaho Falls Regional Airport

People were lined up at the baggage claim area Tuesday morning, but no bags were being picked up.

The city of Idaho Falls welcomed the new expansion with a ceremonial ribbon cutting.

Rebecca Casper, Mayor of Idaho Falls, told KPVI about why they are expanding.

"Its the need we had to expand, that is because we're growing. This airport sees a lot of incoming and outgoing traffic."

The new baggage claim is part of a 3 part expansion to Idaho Falls Regional Airport.

Given the rise in air traffic at the airport, there were changes that needed to be made.

The new baggage claim has 2 carousels for unloading multiple flights.

Rick Cloutier, director of the Idaho Falls Regional Airport, said of the new carousels.

"Having multiple bag point pick ups we'll be able to process more flights at the same time... More efficiently and just provide a better service for the passengers."

The new baggage claim is only one of the many changes happening at the airport in the coming years.

Cloutier, explained a bit more on the plans for expansion.

"Its the first phase of a 3 phase terminal expansion. In the spring time we'll be starting the second phase and continue on the third phase the next year, but those nest 2 phases will increase the terminal by about 35 thousand square feet."

This extra space will be beneficial for the airport by becoming more attractive as a hub for more airlines.

It will also allow for a much smoother experience leaving the airport.

With the 2 new baggage claims being open. It allows you to get your bags quicker, to allow you to get to your car a lot sooner and be able to leave the airport in a more efficient time.


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