The deadline to register to vote in Idaho is in two days, and one group has traveled the state to make sure people register, and actually vote.

RiseUp, Idaho! is a campaign created by United Vision for Idaho.

Over 18 months, volunteers traveled the state and talked with voters to find out what issues matter to them, and why they haven't voted in the past.

RiseUp compiled a list of the ten items they found to be most important to voters.

The list includes Medicaid expansion, community and school safety and creating a strong public education system.

RiseUp then determined what candidates match the values of the Idaho voter.

Gini Ballou, the Associate Director of United Vision for Idaho, says, "When we talk to each other and when we get off of initials and we stay on issues, we agree more than we disagree, and if we look at values and not parties, we agree more than we disagree. And we never come together by tearing each other apart. So what this campaign is trying to do is find that common ground and bring people together."

Some of the RiseUp candidates include gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan and District 29 State Senator Mark Nye.

RiseUp volunteers will go door-to-door in Pocatello on the 27th.


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