School closings

School closings

The following schools are closed or delayed on Wednesday, January 15, 2020:


  • Bonneville Joint School District 93
  • Blackfoot School District 55
  • Jefferson School District 251
  • Madison School District 321
  • Ririe School District 252
  • Firth School District 59
  • Shelley School District 60
  • Snake River School District 52
  • Alturas International Academy Charter School
  • American Heritage Charter School
  • Blackfoot Charter Community Learning Center
  • Bingham Academy
  • Blackfoot Head Start/Early Head Start
  • Cat and the Fiddle Preschool
  • Chief Tahgee Elementary Academy
  • Idaho Falls Head Start/Early Head Start
  • Idaho Science and Technology Charter School
  • Lillian Vallely School
  • Holy Rosary Catholic School
  • Monticello Montessori Charter School
  • Taylor’s Crossing Public Charter School
  • Teton View Montessori
  • Snake River Montessori School
  • Watersprings School Idaho Falls
  • White Pine Charter School
  • White Pine STEM Academy


  • Idaho Falls School District 91 will have a two-hour delayed start Wednesday. There will be no preschool or kindergarten.
  • Fremont School District 215 will have a 2-hour delayed start Wednesday.
  • Sugar-Salem School District 322 will have a 2-hour delay. Administrators will reassess early Wednesday morning to see if school needs to be canceled.
  • Teton School District 401 will have a 2-hour delay.
  • Hope Lutheran School will have a two-hour delayed start Wednesday.

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