Tomorrow voters will have two issues on the ticket for the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District No. 25. Here's what what you can expect to see on your ballot.

"It's something this community has supported for more than 60 years," says school district spokeswoman Courtney Fisher. "It's been in place since the 1960s." She is talking about the decades-old supplemental levy voters in the the school district will see on their ballots Tuesday.

"It's renewed every two years," Fisher explains. "It's the same amount it's been for the past six years. So, it's $9.25 million for two years. That's per year."

The levy amount is not dependent on property values in Bannock County. The money helps fill in the gaps left by state and federal funding, and is a huge boost to the district. "The supplemental levy makes up 12 percent of the school district's budget," adds Fisher. This helps recruit and retain teachers who educate more than 12,000 students across the district.

On Tuesday, voters in zones one, two and five will have an additional question on their ticket. They will decide whether to recall the board of trustee members in those three areas.

What happens if a member, or all members, is recalled. Fisher explains, "If one or two are recalled then the existing quorum that remains on the board will appoint new board members to replace those recalled trustees." Fisher says if all three are recalled the county will appoint one new trustee and the new quorum will then appoint the other two temporary replacements.

For more information on the levy please click here.

KPVI will be at the Bannock County Elections Office Tuesday to get updates on the vote count as they are made available. 

See attached articles for more information on the effort to recall the board of trustee members from zones 1, 2 and 5. 


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