One of Pocatello’s most popular outdoor attractions may have limited access soon.

The forest service says Scout Mountain’s free recreation areas, espcially on the 890 road, are being trashed and vandalized. They say this problem has been going on for a while.

Andrew Sword, who tried to camp in one of the trashed areas Wednesday, said, "It was just full of trash. I mean, they put their trash in trash bags, but they didn't take it with them, and it just smelled, I mean, worse than an outhouse. It was nasty."

People aren't just leaving trash. They're leaving entire tents, tagging the rocks with spray-paint and even shooting guns into trees.

Another issue is people expanding into areas not meant for camping. The Forest Service puts barriers up to keep people out, but these barriers are just pushed out of the way.

Jon Fornek, a National Forest Service Recreation Ranger, says, "If it doesn't stop, then we have to close the area off, and now an area that people love, maybe have used for generations, you can't go to anymore."

Closing the area involves moving rocks to stop people from driving close to the water. 

The Forest Service does have their own law enforcement officer that gives out tickets for littering, but that hasn't been effective. 


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