Officer Amos released from hospital

Courtesy: Marlise Irby

The second Pocatello Police officer injured in a shooting last week has been released from the hospital.

Wednesday afternoon, Officer Demetrius Amos left Portneuf Medical Center to a large crowd of supporters. 

Officers from multiple law enforcement agencies lined the doors of the hospital as Amos was escorted out. 

There were also dozens of community members there to support Amos and applaud his release. 

Pocatello Police Chief Roger Schei was right by Amos' side as he left the hospital. 

Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad was also there to show his support. 

On Tuesday, Schei updated the community on the officers' injuries. He said Amos had been shot three times - once in the abdomen, once in the face and once in the neck. 

On Wednesday, Pocatello Police said they learned Amos had another injury - a bullet hit his left hand near his fingers. Police aren't sure if that is from a separate shot or related to one of the others. 

Amos will continue his recovery at home with his family.

The second officer that was injured, Officer Mackenzie Handel, was released from the hospital on Saturday. He had been shot in the abdomen. 

“This incident is a realization of how dangerous this job really is,” Schei said. “We’re so pleased both officers are doing well enough to be home with their families.”

The man who shot both officers, Todd Brewer, is still in the hospital. Police did not know his status. 

Amos and Handel were injured after responding to a disturbance call in the early morning hours last Thursday. When they arrived at the home on East Bridger Street, they found Brewer in the yard. He raised a rifle at them and officers fired their weapons. 

Brewer took off down a nearby alleyway. Police followed and more shots were fired by both law enforcement and Brewer. 

Amos and Handel were taken to the hospital in the backs of patrol cars by other responding officers. Chief Schei credits that split-second decision with saving the officers' lives. 

For anyone wanting to help the officers and their families with medical expenses, you can do so through the Fraternal Order of Police Portneuf Valley Lodge 13. 


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