You're probably used to seeing Senator Mike Crapo on the other side of the country.
But for the next month, you may find him in your home town.
"This I think is number 42 of the unincorporated towns in Idaho. It's just an opportunity to get out in Idaho, God's country, where the wonderful people of Idaho live and meet with them," said Crapo.
For Crapo, these town halls are him finishing what he started a few years ago. He wanted to have a meeting in every town in Idaho.
After seeing just how many visits that comes out to, he decided to visit every incorporated town in Idaho first, totaling 200 visits.
Now, he's giving Idaho's unincorporated towns the chance to be heard.
"To me the most important part is to folks in the let the community know that I'm here, and even the ones that couldn't make it know that I came. And secondly, to engage with those who could make it to hear their points of view and their issues," said Crapo.
This tour not only helps Idahoans to voice their opinions to their state senator, but it also allows Crapo to get a feel for how Idaho feels about current political climate, and tell them how he sees it from his seat.
"We need to become more civil and reduce the rhetoric and the violence, and start engaging in that kind of common sense and civility that Americans, and particularly Idahoans, know we need to have," said Crapo.
And at the end of the day, it allows Crapo to see new parts of the state he represents.
For a schedule of town halls, click here.

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