Editor's note: This story has been edited to reflect the correct age of the victim.

A follow up on the shooting death of an 10-year-old Blackfoot girl in Bear Lake County.

KPVI’s Deanne Coffin met with the Bear Lake County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, who’s being very tight lipped about the case.

The Bear Lake County Sheriff’s Office says they are still investigating the shooting death the 10-year-old girl that happened on Sunday.

Officials say the young girl suffered a single gunshot wound to the head and died at the scene.

Because it’s still an active investigation, they say there is very little information they can give out at this time.

“We handle it very delicately.  We understand that people’s family members are involved in it and it’s a sensitive situation and we take it very seriously and any help that we need, we’ll ask for it if we come to that,” says Deputy Micah Rigby, Bear Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

The Bear Lake County Sheriff’s Office says the incident happened in an area just off of Highway 30, south of Montpelier, where the 10-year-old girl was shot with a 22 Caliber.

“I believe that one of the family members was working in the area and staying here while they were working,” says Deputy Rigby.

Although they can’t release much about the circumstances surrounding the incident, they did say it’s an isolated incident.

“The public doesn’t need to be worried about any threats or any person with a gun that’s at large,” says Deputy Rigby.

Officials say they do have some information as to what happened, but again, they will not release it until the investigation is closed.

“Just our hearts go out to the family.  It’s a horrible situation and we are going to investigate this very thoroughly and we’ll do our job and hopefully the public will let us do our job so that we can come to a conclusion on the situation,” says Deputy Rigby.

Bear Lake County officials say due to the age of the victim, her name is not being released.


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