The Idaho Foodbank needs a lot of help as the holidays come around and the Pocatello Parks and Recreation department made donating fun…

The sounds of swishing shots, and dribbling could be heard throughout the Dick's Sporting Goods, as the Parks and Rec department raised money for the Idaho Food Bank.

Brian Lowman, Team Sports Coordinator, said "Everybody's probably pinched a little bit with trying to get Christmas gifts and sometimes dinner's go by the wayside... To get the Christmas gifts... So I do know that the Idaho Food Bank can make every dollar we give to them into five meals..."

Boys and girls of all ages stepped up to the free throw line to try to sink as many two pointers as they could in a minute... And there were some pretty high scores as some of the participants were part of the Junior Jazz program.

Lowman also said "Signing more people up for our second half of the Junior Jazz program... That's the boys program... The girls just concluded... So this kind of fills the gap between the two programs to keep those kids active..."

But it's that sense of competition that has kids stepping up, and at three dollars a try it is a big lift to the foodbank.

"anybody can just go put the money in the pot... But the chance that you might win the gift card... And then to show off your skills at the same time and say i was the winner..."

The winners of each age group received a 50 dollar gift card to dick's sporting goods.


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