"It's kind of like having a baby. You have it, you watch it grow, you take care of it, and you love it," said Carol Lish, former executive director of the Simplot Games.

That baby Lish is referring to is having a very important birthday this third weekend in February.

And as she reflects back to her baby's first birthday, she sees how far it has come.

"The first one we were still using typewriters, and copying machines that weren't all that great, and doing everything by hand, and it was a real challenge."

Well Lish is a proud mother this weekend... As a former employee of Simplot and executive director of the games, she gets to see the 40th (and her 40th) Simplot Games, this time as a volunteer, which she's done every year since retiring in 2008.

"I know it's the weekend of the third Saturday in February. That weekend is taken, and to know that all these athletes and volunteers do the same thing after all this time is incredible," said Jason Bohne, the Simplot Games' Media Director, who is working his 21st games.

From a near 600 athlete event in 1978, the games have grown to host more than 2100 athletes in 2018, and continue to find new ways to improve on top of the year prior.

"Back then, we had to have the operator always be ready, if the gun didn't start he had to reset it really fast in order to get ready. We don't have any of those problems any more because it's all wireless," said Kevin Robbins, who is the head of technology for the games, in his 25th year.

Now a decade away from 50 years in existence, the Simplot Games are looking forward to the future, by embracing their past.


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