Every year, athletes from all over the globe pile into Holt Arena to participate in the Simplot Games.
Twelve years ago, the organizers decided it wasn't enough, so the summer camp was born.
"That's one thing that I really understood that I have a responsibility to do, to give back and to give that opportunity to young athletes," said Olympic gold medalist Dick Fosbury.
This year, the three-day camp brought in 170 athletes from 13 different states, with the farthest being from New York.
Luke Martin says he was struggling to find a camp that really caught his eye.
But getting the full Idaho experience, and the impressive lineup of coaches helped him decide where he'd be taking his talents this summer.
"I was really looking forward to track camps over the summer and couldn't find any good ones. Then I found this and I heard past Olympians were going to be coaching, so I thought it would be great experience," said Martin, from Glen Head, New York.
Former Olympians Andre Phillips, Willie Banks, and others join Dick Fosbury to give the campers an elite level of coaching in each event.
And while the kids may be excited to learn from the best, Fosbury gets just as excited to leave a mark on these kids, something he wishes he had when he was an up-and-coming high-jumper.
"We're really proud of being a partner with Idaho State, give them a taste of Idaho and being at altitude, and enjoying the big sky area," said Fosbury.
Developing young athletes, and giving them experiences, and friendships, that will last more than the three days of camp.

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