Idaho lawmakers will be staying in session a bit longer at the State Capitol in Boise to ensure they have the ability to override a ‘veto’ if the governor veto’s anything with the five days.

Republican State Representative Dustin Manwaring says they’ve changed the way they’ve done things at session and won’t leave until all bills have been transmitted to the Governor.

The Representative says that although the ‘Idaho Healthcare Plan’ didn’t go very far this session, there were still able to accomplish bringing back dental care for Medicaid patients.

He adds that they also gave $100 million dollars towards increasing teacher salaries with the fourth year funding of the career ladder.

Representative Manwaring says early on in session they were able to lower the unemployment insurance rate for Idaho businesses and they also passed a child income tax credit of $205 dollars for each child.

“We’re doing really well and we’ve also tried to make sure that we’re competitive.  We’re competitive for families and individuals to come to Idaho and be able to be successful here, so to help give some of that money back to allow our companies and our families to grow in Idaho, I think it was a successful session for us being able to do that,” says State Representative Dustin Manwaring.

Representative Manwaring anticipates they will be at the State Capitol until Wednesday or Thursday.


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