With the pandemic shutting down multiple business, there are still some that are open - and could make for great stay-cation spots with friends and family. 

iJump Trampoline Park is one of those locations.  

"With the scare right now people just aren't coming in like they used to but we've implemented rules to make it safe for everyone," said General Manager Eric Hamlin. 

iJump, which is located in Idaho Falls, has seen a dip in attendance according to Hamlin - and due to the nationwide pandemic.

But the general manager is emphasizing that the business is taking all the necessary precautions possible to keep people safe.

"I'll put a big five-gallon backpack on of industrial sprayers," stated Hamlin, "and I'll go spray the whole park that way everything is getting sprayed and wiped down constantly throughout the day."

Staff, according to Hamlin, is wiping down surfaces, accommodating sanitizing stations and cleaning down everything two to three times every hour.

He also said they have restricted a certain amount of people from participating as well. Private parties and reservations have been put in place. A dodge ball area that was once part of the fun was removed due to cross-contamination concerns.

Hamlin is urging people to come and get involved - not only to have a good time but he states that local businesses, like iJump, need all the help they can get.

"With the three months being closed because they had to shut us down," explained Hamlin, "it hurt pretty bad. We really would love the public to come back get involved, come support the local businesses."

And with COVID numbers on the rise again, there is a possibility that another shutdown could occur - and be detrimental to places like iJump no matter how safe business is.

"If the pandemic happens again and shuts us back down the reopening options for most small businesses really aren't there."

But since the business is open now, families have been taking advantage of what they can do.

The kids who were there couldn't get enough of the ball pit, laughing and performing flips. 

Whatever the business can do to make people feel comfortable, Hamlin says they are more than willing to answer any questions or concerns patrons might have.

"However we can work with you we will to make sure you're comfortable and you feel safe being here the whole time," said Hamlin. 

For more information on iJump visit their website at http://www.ijumpidaho.com/


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