When you think summer camp, cybersecurity probably isn't what comes to mind.

Instead of getting better at sports and huddling around campfires, these high-schoolers are preparing to protect the digital world.

"To watch the kids get excited and learn and talk about the future, and how they could have a future in cyber, and national security, that's really a great benefit for everybody," said Cybercore director Scott Kramer.

The Cybercore Summer Camp is a three-day camp giving kids hands-on experience programming with mini computers called Raspberry Pi.

None of these kids had any coding experience coming into the camp, and on the final day they were presenting their final projects, each capable of performing various tasks.

The opportunity gave one of the students a scholarship from College of Eastern Idaho, who is inspired to work in cybersecurity on a national level.

"The day in age that we live in, everything is on the internet. You can find almost anything, and it really interests me that people who do it can do it legally," said scholarship winner Aidan Whyte. 

This camp is intended to get kids into the industry early, but it's also a launch pad to try and spread cybersecurity and computer science into curriculum across the state.

Cybercore recently put on an i-stem outreach event training teachers on ways that they can teach kids about cybersecurity, coding, and programming.

"Teachers left with kits in their hands that they can use in the classroom, so that instead of just a summer camp for 20 students, we can hit tens of teachers, who then impact tens of people in the classrooms," said Cybercore technical director Wayne Austad.

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