Survey for new Pocatello High School mascot now available to public

A sign with the Pocatello Indians logo stands just across the street from Pocatello High School.

The Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25 Board of Trustees is inviting the public to give additional feedback regarding the selection of the new Pocatello High School mascot. 

In September the board of trustees voted to retire the Indians mascot at the high school. Since then, 185 submissions for a replacement mascot have been narrowed down to the final five choices. The public will help choose the winner in the new survey.

The survey asks participants to consider the top five choices: Pocatello Bison; Pocatello Phantoms; Pocatello Thunder with a bison mascot; Pocatello Thunder with thunder mascot; and Pocatello Mountain Lions.

Participants will evaluate each potential mascot based on criteria set by the mascot selection advisory committee which consists of Pocatello High School alumni, teachers, coaches, parents and community members. The committee’s process also included participation from the PHS student body leadership.

The criteria for evaluating each finalist includes:

  1. Promote pride and school spirit by being uplifting and promoting positivity for everyone associated with the school.
  2. Work equally well with girls and boys athletics.
  3. Be distinct among Idaho high schools.
  4. Continue to honor and school heritage and history in a distinguished manner.
  5. Emulate positive characteristics that can be reflected in our students and staff.
  6. Generate excitement through sounds and actions which could be used at events.

The survey is designed to allow participants to evaluate each of the five finalists and recommend one based on that evaluation.

The survey may be taken online by clicking here or in person at the School District 25 Education Center (3115 Pole Line Road, Pocatello) Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The survey is open now through Wednesday, December 2.

The Board will review the survey feedback at a Work Session scheduled on December 8. At that time, the board will also consider putting the final mascot selection on the agenda for action at the regular board meeting on December 15.


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