Tammy Daybell's family launches non-profit in her honor

The home page of the Tammy Douglas Daybell Foundation's website.

One year ago today Tammy Daybell, Chad Daybell's late wife, died. One the anniversary of her death, her family is making sure her legacy lives on with the creation of a non-profit in her name.

Tammy was a librarian at Central Elementary School in Sugar City. She loved her students and literature so much the family included this detail in her obituary.

It reads:

In 2015, the family moved to Salem, Idaho and she became the assistant librarian at Madison Middle School. She later became the librarian at Central Elementary School in Sugar City, Idaho. She was treasured and loved by the staff and students alike.

While Tammy loved her students, family was most important in her life. This is another aspect of her life reflected in the obituary written by family members.

It reads:

Tammy’s true focus throughout her life was her family, from serving a delicious dinner each Sunday to remembering every birthday and holiday with gifts. She also loved all sorts of animals, but she especially loved Indian Runner ducks. She also raised pigeons, chickens, cats, and rabbits, knowing each one by name. She loved gardening, cooking, and playing games with the family. Her laugh will be remembered and cherished.

Now, on the anniversary of her death, Tammy's family is making sure that her legacy lives on. They have created the Tammy Douglas Daybell Foundation with the mission "to give children the opportunity to love the written word."

The foundation is a non-profit but can't accept donations yet -- more details will be announced at a later date. The foundation's website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages are all up and running. The website has links to all its social media pages. https://www.tammydaybellfoundation.com/?fbclid=IwAR1f46BXENpfXUJ4Ibm4e9ptOs0aLRRA87OSM14PRoJQlmJu_w-Pr3XKlRI

One year ago, Tammy died in her sleep -- supposedly of natural causes. Police exhumed her body last December but have not yet released autopsy results.


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