A group of teachers brought out their inner school-kids playing with drones.

It’s part of a program being taught to them so they can teach their students about STEM education.

That’s according to Program Developer Erika Liebel. 

“Everything is hands-on so teachers are experiencing it as if it were their students,” says Liebel. 

One teacher looked like she was having a blast, and learning just like one of her students.

“We’re like super smart techy drone people now,” says Debra Johnson at Teton Middle School.

She has been part of the three-day program, but she’s not alone.

Teachers are able to participate in this program thanks to the STEM Action Center.

“They funded this grant and so we’re happy that we can lead teachers through the drone designers and coding with drones program,” says Liebel.

The main goal for this program is to funnel the knowledge the teachers learn to their students.

The program developer believes STEM education has become more vital than ever in schools, but it’s not being utilized like she thinks it can.

That’s why Liebel thought drones were a perfect choice to grab the attention of kids that could find interest in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

“A hook for these kids is just seeing the drone maneuver in the air and have a costume on so they’re engaged in it and they want to fly the drone,” says Johnson. 

According to the Idaho Department of Labor 19 of Idaho’s 20 hot jobs through 2026 require STEM skills.

99 percent of Idaho parents believe STEM skills will play an important role in the future according to STEM surveys.

“A program like this that explores steam, science, technology engineering, arts, and math, is really preparing them for the future,” says Liebel.

One thing is for certain in any case.

There’s nothing wrong with exploring your options.

“We don’t always know what to expect, but if you have the skillset to adapt, you can do anything,” says Liebel.


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