One of the California teenagers accused of the March murder of 87 year-old Arlyne Koehler in Pocatello is now facing another charge.

According to officials from the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office, 18 year-old Dustin Alfaro was charged Monday with felony destruction of jail property.

Captain Tad Bybee, the Jail Administrator at the Bannock County Detention Center, says Alfaro was involved in a disturbance Saturday in which inmates in two different housing pods were flooding cells.

According to deputies, Alfaro then broke off a fire suppression head.

“He’s in…kind of a more high profile housing unit so that’s kind of natural with the behaviors in there,” says Bybee.

According to court records, Alfaro was arraigned via video conference on the new charge Monday afternoon and given a $10,000 bond by Judge David Hooste.

According to Bybee, this isn’t the only altercation Alfaro has been involved in. Bannock County Sheriff Lorin Nielson says “he [Alfaro} doesn’t play well in the sandbox”.

Bybee says the flooding of cells by inmates happens fairly often, and while it doesn’t do too much damage, it affects how the jail is run.

“It’s obviously troublesome when they do that because it disrupts the order and the safety of the jail,” says Bybee. 

“We have to stop doing our normal day-to-day routine. Sometimes…it affects critical things like medication passes and meal passes.”

Alfaro is set to be back in court on Nov. 21 for the murder one, conspiracy to murder one and deadly weapon enhancement charges.


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