Two nurses from Portneuf Medical Center are answering the east coast call to help treat Coronavirus patients. Jill McQuary and Brittiney Curzon each have more than a decade of experience at the hospital and this week they flew to New Jersey. That's where they'll spend the next two weeks risking their own health , treating patients in a COVID-19 hot-spot.

Healthcare workers at Mountain View Hospital are also going above and beyond for those keeping America stocked. They assembled safety kits for truck drivers who continue to deliver groceries and critical supplies. Each kit includes face masks, cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer, handmade soap and toiletries. Nurses dropped them off at Western Transport Thursday morning.

A local kid was forced to skip the birthday party this year, but the community was still able to celebrate. Titian just turned seven and with everyone social distancing, his mom came up with a birthday party alternative. She organized a Facebook event to host a miniature parade, inviting Titian's classmates at Connor Academy and her co-workers from Portneuf Medical Center. Word reached the North Bannock County Fire Department, who grabbed the keys to the fire trucks.

Chasity Snowden, Titian's Mom tells KPVI, "Just seeing all the community's support, people from Portneuf, people from Pocatello from Connor Academy, my neighbors and just seeing how happy and excited everybody was cheerful grinning you know ear from ear and people were even so overjoyed they were even crying."


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