Together for 61 years, Marge and Terry Huntsman met in their early 20s on a blind date in 1958 and as Marge says, "The rest is history." The couple is from Idaho Falls, but now lives in the Brookdale Assisted Living Center in Chubbuck. They have six children and over 30 grandchildren and great grandchildren. The Huntsmans say throughout their marriage, they took to heart the phrase "never go to bed angry," always made sure to make time for themselves, and surrounded themselves with great friends.

Terry says, "Well we've gotten along considerably well I would say." 

Marge explains, "There's good times and bad times. We've faced the bad times together. You can let it break you apart or pull you closer together."

Another fun fact about Marge and Terry, right after getting engaged, the couple found out Terry had to go to basic training for the Army. So, they had a quick wedding, then moved together to San Antonio where they spent two years. They say having only each other to rely on those first couple years made their marriage stronger.

Two local high schools are making sure a food pantry’s shelves are well-stocked. Idaho Falls and Skyline High Schools kicked off their “Souper Bowl” in January, collecting canned goods and cash for the Community Food Basket in Idaho Falls. Students called business, handed out flyers in neighborhoods, and stood outside of grocery stores to ask for donations. By the end of the fundraiser, they collected more than 116,000 cans and $16,000 in cash.

A local healthcare professional has earned the title 2020 Nurse of the Year given by Ardent Health Services. Page Monney is an RN at Portneuf Medical Center. He's worked in different departments at the hospital for two decades, most recently the ICU. In March, he will be honored at Ardent Health Services’ annual conference in Nashville.


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