A Pocatello car dealership made a large donation to a local nonprofit. Phil Meador Subaru donated $10,000 to the Sagebrush Steppe Land Trust. The donation was part of Subaru's annual Share the Love event, where $250 of each new Subaru vehicle sold or leased goes to a local charity, chosen by the dealership. Sagebrush Steppe focuses on conservation and preservation of open space, wildlife habitat, sustainable agriculture, and access to outdoor recreation. Brian Johnston, Sales Manager at Phil Meador Subaru, says that he met Matt Lucia when he came in to buy a car for the land trust. After learning more about them and what they do, the dealership felt it'd be a great partnership for this year's Share the Love program. 

"Each year, it just seems to build our passion,” said Johnston, “and I know our staff gets excited for it and it's just something we love to do, sharing the love.”

"One of the things that made us a good candidate for the Share the Love is our interest in the outdoors and preserving and conserving what makes southeast Idaho such a special place, says Lucia, “and so it was a natural fit and we are very pleased. This is a huge contribution that is going to help us in our conservation community program and we invest it right here locally in this community."

On May 3, students from Pocatello High School helped the Pocatello Animal Shelter. They provided enrichment for the dogs and helped clean up. The students were excellent dog trainers and spent time playing games with the dogs in their kennels.

The Pocatello Police Department was provided with officer survival kits. Idaho Central Credit Union gave each member a kit. Each kit included several pieces of candy, a paper clip and a penny as well as a note explaining each item.


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