During the off season, the Zoo Idaho has been working on multiple projects including the bald eagle exhibit, designing a pollinator garden and re designing some of their gates. As part of the Parks and Recs Department which is currently closed due to the Novel Coronavirus. Zoo Idaho is making plans in case they cannot open in April to still allow the community the chance to view and learn about the animals.

Peter Pruett, the Superintendent of Zoo Idaho says, We're still getting a lot of emails and phone calls from schools saying, ‘Hey, can you help us out? You can;t come to us, we can't come to you, do you have some online classes and we're even looking at trying to figure out like a virtual tour across the zoo?’”

During this time of hunger concerns, Jeremy Smith and his crew made dozens of lunches to pass out, and posted it to Facebook, offering to drop off the free lunches on your doorstep. His post has already been shared a couple thousand times with many people responding and thanking them for their support during this time.

Due to the Novel Coronavirus, some items have been hard to find including Idaho potatoes. So a potato farmer, who wished to remain nameless, set up her truck on South 5th with a bed full of potatoes. Allowing for locals to come and fill their own bags with the state's favorite vegetable. People were so grateful for the kind gesture, someone even left two rolls of toilet paper on her truck as a way of saying thank you.

Potato Patron Lillis Lish says, “I walked into Albertsons to get some potatoes and I didn't see a single bag of potatoes, I said that it's a sin not to have potatoes in Idaho.”


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