The Gables Assisted Living in Pocatello handed out free hot dogs, chips, soda, and popsicles to hungry workers on their lunch breaks. Administrator Kylie Hebdon says it was just their way of giving back to the community during these hard times.

Kylie Hebdon with The Gables says, "Just to give them a break, you know, you can get out of the office or if they're up at the hospital where's it's busy and they just, you know, they don't have to go buy lunch, cook lunch, or anything. They can just stop by and take a little break and then go back to work."

A local woman celebrated her 99th birthday this week with friends and family at Riverside Golf Course in Pocatello. Frani Threlkeld says she still golfs 18 holes three times a week and drives her own golf cart. She believes the secret to longevity is staying active and positive.

Frani Threlkeld says, "Well the idea is you have to have a good attitude. You can't just be, you know, sit down and think poor me, poor me, because that's the worst thing you can do."

The Pocatello Regional Transit Department is offering the summer youth pass again with even better perks. The summer youth pass now allows access to all of their fixed routes thanks to a donation from the Gate City Rotary Club. This means Pocatello kids under the age of 18 will be able to ride the bus for free.

Skylar Beebe, the Director Pocatello Regional Transit says, "We really appreciate our youth and we recognize that not all youth have the opportunity to access the community and this really opens that opportunity for them; to essentially get on, ease the burden of money for parents and you know essentially allow that access to our community."


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