Firth farmer Thomas Jolley and his family tried growing corn for the first time this year. Because of the wet and cool spring, all of the corn grew at once, forcing them to pick all 1,200 to 1,400 dozen ears at once. Thomas was set to lose a lot of money, but after posting about his situation on Facebook. He's now been overwhelmed with requests for corn. Now he and his family are working hard to keep up.

Thomas Jolley says, "Late nights, yeah I work late, you don't believe me ask the kids."

"Are they all helping you too?"

"Yeah, yeah, until they fall asleep."

The 38th Annual C.W. H.O.G. Pig Out dinner and picnic is being held at the Lower Ross Park Pavilion Saturday. One of Pocatello's longest running events includes food, live music, and Cowboy Ninja Lance Pekus. It’s a major fundraiser for the program, with all proceeds going back to the program. The event is being held to help raise money for adaptive equipment, scholarships, and training for people with disabilities.

Bob Ellis with CW HOG says, "In my world everybody gets to go skiing, we have a bunch of specialized adaptive equipment for snow skiing, adaptive cross-country skiing, bicycling, and water skiing."

Fall is in the air and the annual Mountain View Cemetery Tour is here. From 12:30 to 2:30 Saturday, the Pocatello Historic Preservation Commission will give a tour of the cemetery. Walking through the cemetery, the tour will be making stops at prominent Pocatellan graves with actors portraying doctors, veterans, and even an outlaw. Learn some of Pocatello's history while also getting into the Halloween spirit.

Terri Nue says, "We will also have the Brady Chapel open to the public during that two hour period and so people will be able to come in and see the Brady Chapel."

Tickets will be sold at the Brady Chapel during the event.


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