The Soda Barn 2.0 Coming Soon to Pocatello

Offering both soda and sweets, The Soda Barn has become a staple in Chubbuck. And soon, The Soda Barn 2.0 will call Pocatello home as well.

There are no sheep in this barn, there's soda. For many of the employees pouring the soda, this is their first job.

The Soda Barn Employee Jaycie Ozburn says, "It's really chill here so it's easy, to like, make friends. It's easy to get along with everyone. It's not too hard of a job too so..."

It takes around 30 employees to keep the soda flowing at The Soda Barn. It'll take about that many at the new Soda Barn 2.0.

The Soda Barn Co-Founder Bri Semons says, "We're pumped. We're excited. It's fun. It's been a fun process."

The process of getting the new Soda Barn location ready to open has been fun but it's not over yet.

If you're a fan of the original Soda Barn and can't wait to get a sweet treat and a cold drink at The Soda Barn 2.0, you'll have to wait until school is back in session.

The new location is across the street from ISU in Pocatello. It will be nearly double the size of the original Soda Barn with lots of room to sit, hang out with friends and sip on a cold pop.

While the layout of the new shop is different, the treats will be the same as the original.

Semons says, "There are two awesome locations where you can drive through, pick up your favorite cookie, your favorite soda, your favorite edible cookie dough because we do that too."

The goal is to open in mid-August as students head back to class. For the students who currently work at The Soda Barn, they'd advise others to think about working at the new location.

Ozburn says, "Go for it because everyone who works here is easy to talk to. It's not an intimidating job or anything like that."

The Soda Barn founders hope the new location will make those quick soda runs that much quicker.


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