Almost exactly three months ago, Pauline Thiros was introduced as the new athletic director at Idaho State University.
As a lifelong Bengal, one thing she's tried to do is raise the bar.
"It has a lot more to do than with just athletic performance, it's academic, and then there's the experience the student athletes are having at our institution. And is all of that good enough?," said Thiros. 
One way that's become visible is through coaching changes.
Since becoming the interim AD last August, the university's men's basketball, women's soccer, and now softball coaches had their contracts expire without renewal.
Thiros says part of the decision was coincidental with the timing of the expiring contracts, but says it was also a good time to evaluate performance on and off the playing field.
"Those changes really were based on what the expectation is for excellence. I think that is the foundation that we're laying down and it's just an expression of the fact that we're very serious about where we want to go," said Thiros. 
As for other projects within the athletic department, this was the first summer of the new summer school program for athlete's to stay on campus in the summer to train, and get ahead on coursework to lighten up their schoolwork during the season.
Also announced earlier this year were the renovations to Davis Field, which is still scheduled to be completed by the 2020 season.
Staying in the realm of facilities there's also hope that momentum can get going on a new basketball arena.
"We're having conversations every chance we get about where the interest lies, and where the investment might come from," said Thiros. 
With that and much more on the horizon, the vision in the department is becoming clearer day by day.

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