With Monday being the annual 'Welcome Back Orange and Black' celebration of the beginning of another school year at Idaho State University, it also marked the beginning of a new sports calendar.
And for Athletic Director Pauline Thiros, she's going into her first full year as athletic director, after spending most of last year as the interim.
"I am always most excited to welcome the student-athletes back, it's just been driving me crazy being here waiting for them to get back to campus and get into their training," said Thiros. 
But for a lot of these student-athletes, this welcome back may feel redundant.
This was the first summer of the athletic department's new summer school program thanks in large part to donations, allowing athletes to stay in Pocatello over the summer, and get ahead on the playing field and in the classroom.
"We had 105 student-athletes participate, invested about $240,000, and the student-athletes did so well I'm so proud of them, they knocked it out of the park and really made some great progress," said Thiros. 
Beyond that the department has many goals for the year.
They're working on establishing a new culture, progressing gender equity, and continuing with projects like the Davis Field renovation as well as a potential new home for ISU basketball.
And for Thiros, she says fans can expect a new standard.
"Fans are going to see a whole different level of excitement and commitment and performance of the field, so I think the fans ought to be ready for something they've never seen before," said Thiros. 

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