A local ranching company is devastated after five of their animals were shot last month on private property in Chesterfield.

Grant Simons and his wife live in Bancroft and own and manage CV Ranches, which owns 800 cows and 45 bulls.

On May 28th, an employee told them three of their cows had been shot and killed. The next day, they found that two of their bulls were shot in the nose, but luckily survived.

According to Simons, the bulls are worth around $4,000 to $8,000. The cows were worth about $1,500 each, and would have produced 10 more years’ worth of calves.

Simons says they were forced to bottle feed the killed cows' calves.

CV Ranches keeps some of their private land open to the public, but after this incident, they weren't sure they'd keep it open.

"I was angry. I was upset,” says Simons.

“My first reaction was I was going to close it to public use and nobody could come in. And then I realized it's a small, small percentage of people that...would vandalize somebody's property like this, and everybody else is pretty good people."

The Caribou County Sheriff's Office is investigating, and was able to recover a bullet fragment from one of the bulls. The investigation is ongoing.

Simons is offering a $4,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

He says his morale has gone up since getting such great support from the community. 


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