A Fort Hall United States Marine received keys to a new home on Saturday.

The organization ‘Homes for Our Troops’ awarded the new home to Corporal Phillip Baldwin on Saturday at a special ceremony at his new home in Fort Hall.

A precession of Fort Hall Police and military combat motorcycle clubs escorted U.S Marine Corporal Phillip Baldwin to a ceremony held at his new home in Fort Hall.

Friends and family gathered for a traditional ceremony outside the home to honor Corporal Baldwin.

He was severely injured in 2011 in Afghanistan.  He lost both of his legs while serving his country.

‘Homes for Our Troops’ is a non-profit organization that built the specially adapted custom home to help him rebuild his life and set him up for success.

“I feel like real privileged and honored and grateful.  It’s about the greatest thing that has ever happened to me besides the birth of my children,” says Corporal Phillip Baldwin, Fort Hall.

The home is fully assessable for someone in a wheelchair and restores the veteran’s freedom and independence.

Officials from ‘Homes for Our Troops’ say this is the first home they have ever built for a veteran on tribal land.

“We ask our veterans where they want to live.  He chose to come back home here to Fort Hall, so we built a home for him here in Fort Hall, also he’s already got family, community, and friends here and that just sets up men and women for success going forward,” says Bill Ivey, ‘Homes for Our Troops.’

Corporal Baldwin says he got to be a part of the process of designing and picking out things for his new home.

“It means pretty much my world.  I’m raised here.  I’m actually really from here and if I would have had the house built off the reservation, then I would have lost my hunting right too, and that’s a major impact on my lifestyle,” says Corporal Baldwin.

‘Homes for Our Troops’ says 70 percent of donations come from the American people.  The other 30 percent is donated by corporations.

For more information about ‘Homes for Our Troops,’ you can visit www.hfotusa.org


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