The Idaho Food Bank is low on supplies. In part, due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. To help the food bank during the food shortage, local organizations are throwing a virtual BBQ for the community.

Friday, the Pocatello and Chubbuck communities are invited to the BBQ. One that follows Governor Little's new Stay at Home order.

Matt Spaletta says, "I actually just got off the phone with Sand Trap and he informed me of that. He said that restaurants that can do either takeout orders or deliveries can still be open. Just not to the public coming in."

Spaletta works for Kendra Rone State Farm in Chubbuck. They are partnering with Sand Trap restaurant in Pocatello to throw the online BBQ.

The goal, raise money for the Idaho Food Bank.

Spaletta says, "They've built up a coronavirus relief fund and I asked them what does that mean and they said the nice part of donating to that fund is it gives them the ability to put that money wherever it's most needed."

Starting now, community members can place their orders for Friday online.

Spaletta says for $15 people who order will get "either a pulled pork sandwich or a BBQ chicken sandwich, coleslaw and some homemade kettle chips."

Payments and orders can be made online at or left on the front porch of the customer's house where local first responders will deliver the food.

Spaletta says, "We're going to leave the order on the doorstep and then we will let you know that it's been dropped off, and then our delivery person will actually wait until they've seen you come out and get the food."

The idea is to let community members do something to help those in need, while being safe not to spread COVID-19.

The goal this Friday is to raise $3,750. Local sponsors have committed to matching some of the money raised and Spaletta says if they sell out all the food, they'll plan another virtual community BBQ.


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