The vote to make Eastern Idaho Technical College a community college is fast approaching

The vote has split the public into two camps... The ones who believe the college is important for growth and that it will stick to the 13 dollars in taxes...

And those voting no believing the taxes will increase...

Both sides are lobbying for people to get out and vote...

Mario Hernandez, who supports the college, says "We've got to be involved with the Idaho Falls greater community to help make things more positive we need more skilled workers here we need more people to go to college to improve themselves here. the list is long and multiple of the reasons we should be doing here..."

Larry Lyon, who is against the change, said "What people need to understand as they vote on this proposal is that they are voting to create an entirely new layer of taxation on top of what they are already paying in property taxes and it could be hundreds or even thousands more than what they are already paying..."

The vote takes place may 16th and will require a super majority to pass.


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