As child care facilities re-open under stage one of Governor Little's Idaho rebounds plan, problems still linger for the businesses.

Luckily some help is available through a child care specific grant program set aside by the state of Idaho.

Matt Hunter, President of the Pocatello-Chubbuck Chamber of Commerce, explains the grant.

"It's an Idaho child care emergency grant, health and welfare has been authorized to do that through the governor. It depends on the size of your daycare how much you qualify for, it runs from 2,000 to 15,000 dollars."

Giving child care facilities cash to use for their businesses.

But are there any limitations on what the cash can be used for?

Matt says, "it'll pay for really; you know labor, rent, supplies, there's a long list of things that it'll help cover."

Given that this is a cash grant, would there be some limitations on who qualifies for the program?

Matt replies, "if you've received a paycheck protection grant from the sba or some of the other grants that have been out there, you may or may not apply. Lets say you got that for a certain amount of your cost but you still have these other costs that are eligible in this grant, that you've not received funding for, you can still apply for that part you haven't been."

Allowing the grant to help fill in holes that were not covered by other federal loans and grants.

Matt, later summarized what he thought of the program for child care providers

"Pretty good grant, pretty easy application process, and available right now."

To find out information on the grant or for the application click on the following link:


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