On Monday morning, the United States Supreme Court overturned the federal ban on sports-betting.

For some states like New Jersey and West Virginia, this is a victory that could spark a quick change as they already have bills nearly ready to implement.

But for others, it could be a while before change is made to gambling laws, if any change is made at all.

Idaho is the latter.

"Do we want our policy in Idaho to be changed? Do we want to redefine the definition of gambling in our constitution to say it doesn't prohibit betting on sports?," said Dustin Manwaring, Idaho State Representative for District 29.

These are questions Idaho lawmakers will be asking themselves as the conversation begins.

The state constitution currently prohibits all types of gambling except for a state-sanctioned lottery, parimutuel betting which is most typically used in horse-racing, and bingo or raffle games operated by qualified charitable organizations.

This makes the Idaho State Lottery one of the only legal forms of betting in the state right now, and for that reason they see the road to legal sports betting in Idaho as a bumpy one.

"The way that the state constitution reads, absent to change of those, it's an interesting decision for other states, but for Idaho right now it's going to be status quo," said David Workman, Idaho Lottery public information specialist.

One of the big arguments against the legalization of sports betting is potential for corruption in the outcomes of games in college and professionally.

When asked to comment on the ban being lifted, an Idaho State University athletics official told KPVI that they are waiting on instruction from the NCAA to determine if and how it affects them directly.

But despite all of this, Manwaring isn't going to count out the possibility of the integration of sports betting, because whatever the result is will be heavily influenced by public opinion.

"I think we need to be pretty cautious before we change policy in Idaho, but I'm anticipating and look forward to the debate to see what Idahoans think," said Manwaring. 


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