KPVI talked to a witness that was at the scene of the car wreck in ‘Old Town Pocatello’ on Thursday.

That same witness talked to KPVI a couple of months ago about concerns of people driving recklessly down Main Street.  He says it’s just another accident to happen right by his store.

“I’ve almost been hit three times just walking across the street,” says Rhea Moser, Pocatello.

Thursday’s car wreck at the intersection of Main and Center Street in ‘Old Town Pocatello,’ has the owner of the shop on the corner concerned even more so about the safety of patrons in ‘Old Town Pocatello.’

“People do not pay attention to the speed limit down here and they drive way too fast and it’s just, one of these times it’s going to end up bad,” says Quint Pimentel, ‘Old Town Pocatello’ Business Owner.

The business owner says it was only a matter of time before another accident.

He says a car heading westbound on Center Street hit a truck going northbound on Main Street.

“There was a truck that had been hit from another vehicle.  It actually went sideways, flipped on it’s side and ended up, hit the bench here to the side of me and the tree to my left actually stopped it from  going any further,” says Pimentel.

Although a Pocatello Police Officer on a motorcycle was in the ‘Old Town’ area on Friday, the ‘Old Town’ business owner says he’s frustrated that after speaking with PPD several times about the issues at the intersection in front of his store, he hasn’t seen much difference in the problem.

“I do see more of a presence from the police department, but I assure you that I have not yet seen any police officer radaring down here and that’s the problem,” says Pimentel.

“People drive like crazy.  The speed limit is only 25.  I see people routinely doing 35 or more on this road.  They don’t watch out for pedestrians.  They don’t watch out for other vehicles.  They weave in and out of traffic.  There needs to be more of a police presence on Main Street,” says Moser.

The ‘Old Town’ business owner says that although nobody was seriously injured in Thursday’s accident, it could have been a lot worse.


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