Grand Teton Controlled Burn

Supervisors from both the firing and holding operations confer in the field during a prescribed fire. Content Exchange

The Bureau of Land Management’s Pinedale field office will be conducting controlled burns between June and July, the department announced Tuesday.

The first controlled burn, labelled the Pine Grove prescribed fire project, will be conducted roughly 15 miles northwest of La Barge. The location contains 53 acres of slash and standing conifer, the announcement stated.

Additionally, the second controlled burn, labelled the Burdick prescribed fire project, will be conducted approximately 13 miles west of La Barge, on the east face of Miller Mountain. There is 470 acres of slash and standing conifer being targeted.

Fire crews will be implementing multiple tactics to start and control the burn. There will be smoke visible from the burning locations. For public safety, fire crews will stay on location to monitor the burn areas and ensure the fire is completely out, the announcement said.

The controlled burns are associated with the Wyoming Range Mule Deer Habitat Project. It was developed with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Range Mule Deer Initiative in 2011.

The burns are meant to improve vegetation conditions in critical mule deer winter range, transition range and fawning ranges, according to the announcement.

Controlled fires reduce conifer intrusion on native aspen and simulates new aspen growth. The fires are also beneficial to replicate natural wildfires, returning the ecosystem to a natural composition and healthy function, the announcement stated.

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