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Evan Scott and Alli MacDonald of the Covid-19 Surge Team sort coronavirus specimen collection kits brought in by a courier on Sept. 4 at the Wyoming Public Health Laboratory in Cheyenne. The Surge Team members were brought on to help process the massive numbers of tests brought in to the lab from state wide health facilities. Content Exchange

The total number of coronavirus cases in Wyoming grew by 71 on Thursday, with the number of confirmed cases rising by 44 and the number of probable cases rising by 27, according to the Wyoming Department of Health’s daily update.

Additionally, 97 new coronavirus recoveries were announced: 83 confirmed and 14 probable.

Numbers to know

Active cases: 283 (501 including probable cases)

Hospitalized patients: 48 (not yet updated from Wednesday)

Deaths: 725 (five announced this week, six announced this month) 

Total vaccine doses received: 459,535 (222,495 Pfizer, 208,740 Moderna, 28,300 Johnson & Johnson)

First vaccine doses given: 190,558

Second vaccine doses given: 170,343

One-time vaccine doses given: 13,539

Are we trending up or down?

The state's 14-day average in confirmed cases is 51.8 per day. That number is down one from a month ago.

The state's 14-day average in total cases is 68.9 per day. That number is up 1.3 from a month ago.

The state's number of confirmed active cases is 283. That number is up eight from a month ago.

The state's number of total active cases is 501. That number is up 26 from a month ago.

Where are the cases coming from?

Laramie (194), Sweetwater (115) and Campbell (94) counties have had the most confirmed cases over the past 14 days.

Platte (4.3%), Sweetwater (2.6%) and Laramie (2.4%) counties have had the highest percentage of their confirmed cases come from the past 14 days.

Deaths in Wyoming by county

  • Natrona: 138
  • Laramie: 114
  • Fremont: 84
  • Campbell: 60
  • Sweetwater: 39
  • Big Horn: 34
  • Sheridan: 31
  • Park: 30
  • Washakie: 26
  • Goshen: 24
  • Carbon: 23
  • Converse: 17
  • Albany: 15
  • Uinta: 13
  • Crook: 12
  • Lincoln: 12
  • Platte: 11
  • Johnson: 10
  • Teton: 9
  • Sublette: 7
  • Weston: 6
  • Hot Springs: 3
  • Niobrara: 2


  • Probable cases are defined by officials as patients who had positive antigen tests or are close contacts of lab-confirmed cases with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • A patient is considered fully recovered “when there is resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and there is improvement in respiratory symptoms (e.g. cough, shortness of breath) for 72 hours AND at least 7 days have passed since symptoms first appeared,” according to the Wyoming Department of Health.
  • Total cases are determined by adding together the number of confirmed and probable cases. Total recoveries are determined by adding together the number of confirmed and probable recoveries. 
  • Confirmed active cases are determined by subtracting the number of deaths and confirmed recoveries from the number of confirmed cases. Total active cases are determined by subtracting the number of deaths and total recoveries from the number of total cases. 

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