If an intruder breaks into your home and you feel like your life is in danger, lawfully the Castle Doctrine allows you to use deadly force and defend yourself and your family. In the state of Idaho; however, that does not apply. Many people KPVI spoke with were surprised that Idaho doesn’t have this law already. But advocates who are pushing for the bill hope to introduce it this coming legislative session.

Castle Doctrine, originated in 2012 to give homeowners more protection for self-defense inside their homes. Edward Folmar, a Pocatello resident says, "In my opinion a person has the right to defend themselves and their property, but their family as well. And that includes my three cats."

Right now in the state of Idaho, Castle Doctrine law does not apply, Alexandria Kincaid, an attorney and an advocate for the bill says, “We have what's called a justifiable homicide statue that allows a home owner to use deadly force, basically under the same circumstances that you could use deadly force out in public. So there's no extra protection for you inside your own home.

Castle law advocates want a bill in the Idaho State legislature this next session. Mike Orth the owner of Mad Mikes says, “I'm very much in support of that anyone that comes to your house uninvited is not there for good intentions. Like I said, as a homeowner we should be entitled to defend ourselves and our property."

The goal of the law is to put the burden on the bad guy, and give the homeowner the ability to defend themselves. Kincaid says, "You would have the ability as the person who lives there to defend yourselves and your family with deadly force. The law would assume that somebody who breaks inside your home intends to cause you harm.”

This bill does not have an exact title yet, but the language of the law has already been written. Kincaid says many supporters across the state backing the bill. KPVI will keep an eye on it and bring you updates as the bill progresses. 


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