One ‘Proud to be Local’ business is ‘spicing it up’ for the community.

KPVI News that Works for You, Deanne Coffin hit a local Mexican cuisine to talk to the owner, manager and customers to see why they say, ‘Mama Knows Best.’

“Chili Colorado,” says Shawn Moreno, Local Customer.

That’s what local customer Shawn Moreno recommends to order at ‘Mama Inez’ in Pocatello, but regulars like Dave McPherson say it’s not just the food he comes in for.  He says it’s a great place to spend the afternoon having a beer or two.

“I really enjoy just the ambiance in here, the characters that come in and it’s just a comfortable place to come,” says Dave McPherson, Regular Customer.

The Mexican Cuisine has been around since the 1980’s with several locations around the region, including the ‘Mama Inez Express’ in Chubbuck.

“And I kind of started it as a ‘to go’ location but then it kind of turned into a little restaurant at the same time, so we do drive-up window and eating there,” says Brad Burtenshaw, Owner, Mama Inez.

Between the two locations, there are about 50 employees.

Jason Moore has been a manager for ‘Mama Inez’ for over 30 years.  He says they are involved with the community by supporting Idaho State University Athletics as well as local junior high and high schools.

“It’s been awesome.  Met a lot of people that worked here.  We have customers that I’ve seen once a week for 30 years.  We see people come and go.  We see generations of people.  We see people grow up, their kids and their kids, so it’s been a pretty awesome thing in Pocatello,” says Jason Moore, General Manager, Mama Inez.

And being local, he looks forward to the holidays at Mama Inez.

“It’s awesome to see at Christmas time, people come back to visit their relatives and one of the first places they want to be is ‘Mama Inez’ and just to be part of the community like that and be something exciting to everyone is a pretty good thing,” says Moore.

If you are looking for somewhere to hang out during football, they stream the ISU games and they have ‘Happy Hour’ all day long on Sundays.


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