Ways To Watch KPVI

If you reside in an area that can receive our station over the air, an antenna and digital tv (or converter box) may be an option for you. The antenna type that you would need to view KPVI over the air could vary greatly depending on where you live in comparison to our transmitter locations. You can use this tool to input your address to find transmitter and translator locations and see antenna recommendations based on your location https://antennaweb.org/Address

If you do not have a digital tv or converter box and use a satellite receiver, you may wish to contact your satellite provider to see if a local channel connector(LCC) and antenna would work with your receiver for getting your local stations.

If you subscribe to a cable service please contact your provider for information on tv and internet streaming offerings

The live stream of KPVI 6.1, including NBC programming, is available to those residing in our DMA by going to this website https://www.nbc.com/live and signing in using your participating internet or service provider account information.

If you are using a specific service or device please look for the NBC App in your store or listings. Here are some of the app versions (iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon, Apple, XBOX, Samsung, Vizio) currently available https://www.nbc.com/apps.

On Peacock www.peacocktv.com/ Live stream available with participating internet or service provider account information. Basic access account is free when you sign up, tiered service options are also available

A live stream of KPVI programming and/or a live stream of NBC is available on the following streaming services but may require an account and subscription:

Hulu Live TV www.hulu.com/live-tv

YouTube TV tv.youtube.com/welcome/

VUit app and website https://www.vuit.com/live/13675/kpvi no account needed, KPVI news and syndicated programming only

Comcast Xfinity www.xfinity.com/learn/channel-lineup

Cox Contour TV www.cox.com/residential/tv.html

KPVI TV Schedule